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Sebastián Nicolau

1956 Valencia.
His paintings, drawings and sculptures may be situated in the territory of realistic figuration, still without the sense of fully fitting into this particular field, since the artist’s connivance games with other languages tend to separate them from well-confined tendencies. From a naturalist vision of landscapes in the 80’s until the evolution towards the synthesis of the actual form, the artist has been setting his interest in the relation between the atmospheric scenery and the architectonic element, urban and industrial, to engage from these into the sculpture space and from it, return to painting with an organizational vision of the work, in which analogies between reality-fiction are established, as displayed in his last cardboard drawings representing constructivist figures, putting on view games between the tangible and the represented, or between reality-abstraction by means of large canvases and drawings of folded oilcloths which seem to sustain themselves with the power of a physical fact, on which the present interacts with geometrical drawings labored with laces and threads which create fictitious shadows over them, in a language amongst abstraction-figuration-constructivism.G.R.

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