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Sebastián Nicolau

1956 Valencia.
His paintings, drawings and sculptures can fit into the realm of realistic figuration, without fitting into it in a specific way, since their games of collusion with other languages ​​separate them from the more limited tendencies. From a naturalistic vision of the landscape in the 80s to its evolution towards the current formal synthesis, he has been fixing his interest in the relationship between the atmospheric landscape and the architectural, urban and industrial element, to also address the space of sculpture and from there, return to painting with an organizational vision of the work, in which he establishes analogies between reality-fiction, as in his drawings of cardboard constructionist figures, with games between the tangible and the represented, or between reality-abstraction in large oil paintings and folded rubber drawings that seem to support themselves with the power of a physical fact and on which he currently acts with geometric drawings made with cords and threads that create fictitious shadows on them, in a language between abstraction- figuration-constructivism.GR

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