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Roger Sanguino

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Drancy Roger Sanguino nace en Venezuela en 1968. En Caracas comienza su formación en el campo de las artes plásticas, pasando por el Instituto de Arte “Federico Brandt”, y el Taller Escuela “Arte & Fuego”, entre los años 1990-1996. A partir de entonces inicia su participación en los certámenes oficiales de carácter Regional y Nacional, por toda la geografía Venezolana.
In the beginning, drawing and painting they formed the disciplines in which he undertook his personal quest, exploring the theme of biodiversity of animal species, which also developed in the field of molten glass.
By 2003 Roger Sanguino takes a trip to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he made formal studies at the Escola Massana in Barcelona: The training cycle higher degree in Painting (2003-2006), and later the Higher Level Training Course in Sculpture ( 2011-2014). While carrying out their studies, take part in different artistic confrontations, such as competitions, biennials and art fairs inside and outside Spain. Contact with Barcelona arouses interest in issues other than animal symbolism. the subject of the portrait, which develops through a pressing processing portraits memory appears in his painting, with which shapes way mosaic compositions.
Later portraits shed those funds where they emerge. The character portrayed formally a volumetric character evidence. That's when you feel anxiety or need those characters leap into three dimensions. His sculpture studies will provide theoretical and technical to start building a sculptural speech information, work continues to develop today.
With the body as an anchor, his most recent work is part of an investigation that revolves around the human being, which explores topics such as the mind, body language, the particular and the universal, the relationship with the other, time , the portrait; concepts with formal aspects and the importance of drawing, which shapes the structure of their work, acting inside the shape and the outside, through the intervention of piano strings, wires, rods and networks of steel. It is a three-dimensional drawing that runs through the space, incorporating a vacuum to work, a slight drawing, dialoguing with volume crossing it, or wrapping, setting limits, creating spaces and structures like a grid.

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