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Silvia Lerin is a visual artist resident in London. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 1998.

He has had solo exhibitions in Spain and abroad, stand those in the Gallery La Nave in Valencia and in the Sophien-Edition Gallery in Berlin, where he had solo exhibition every two years and represented his work in several fairs German art. He has recently exhibited at the Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria, Illinois, USA, as he made his residence there.

Throughout that time he has received numerous awards and scholarships, highlighting the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant New York in 2014, which led her to London, where dedició establish his studio and residence.

His work is exhibited in many museums in Spain and there are numerous works of her in various public spaces and in many private collections both in Spain and abroad.


GRANTS AND PRIZES | a selection
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. New York. US. (period grant: 2014)
Residency, Prairie Center of the Arts. Peoria, IL. Aug. 1 – Oct. 31, 2013.
Grant “ Promotion of Contemporary Art “ for exhibition in Mainz (Germany) given by the Spanish
Ministery of Culture.
First Prize. XII National Painting Prize Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos de
Valencia. Valencia. Spain. *
First Prize. XLII Salon d'Automne Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia Award. Valencia. Spain. *
Grant “ Promotion of Contemporary Art “ for exhibition in Berlin(Germany) given by the Spanish
Ministery of Culture.
First Prize. XI Painting Award Meliana. IMC of Meliana. Valencia. Spain. *
Special Honorary Mention. XLI Awards Alcalá Painting City. Old Hospital
Santa Maria la Rica. Alcala de Henares. Madrid. Spain. *
Pilar Juncosa Grant at the Joan Miro graphic art workshops. Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation.
Mallorca. Spain.
Grant “ Promotion of Contemporary Art “ for exhibition in Berlin (Germany) given by the Spanish
Ministery of Culture.
Prize Acquisition. National Prize ART NALÓN 2007 in Visual Arts. Langreo. Asturias. Spain.
First Prize. 24 Award Cambre. Cambre. Corunna. Spain. *
First Prize. Award XII Council of Cangas - Morrazo No Art. Cangas. Pontevedra. Spain. *
Grant "Alnorte" given by the newspaper El Comercio. Gijón. Spain.
Honorary Mention. Born3, III Call Art Gallery Casaborne. Casaborne Gallery.
Antequera. Malaga. Spain.
First Prize. XI Painting Contest Salvador Soria. Benissa. Alicante. Spain. *
First Prize. 3rd Biennial Painting Association of Friends of Christopher Aguado. Picasso. Valencia.
First Prize. XXIX National Painting Contest Vila de Pego. I hit. Alicante. Spain. *
First Prize. Hosts of Cadi (XXIII Contest Minicuadros). Elda. Alicante. Spain. *
First Prize. XVI Painting Contest Vila de Puçol. Puçol. Valencia. Spain. *
Acquisition Prize. J. Segrelles. XIII National Painting Awards Albaida. Albaida. Valencia.
Spain. *
First Prize. National Painting Award Castellón. Castellón. Spain.
First Prize. II Painting Award Mainel Foundation. Valencia. Spain. *
First Prize. I Contest Manuel Valdes. Height. Castellón. Spain.


SOLO EXHIBITIONS | a selection
Mind the gap. Horizon Gallery. Colera. Girona. Spain
Mind the gap. A-Side B-Side Gallery. London. UK
Fissures. Alicia Rey Gallery. Madrid. Spain
Conversation with the building. Prairie Center of the Arts. Peoria (IL). US
Crisis in concrete. Exhibition Hall. Vincent Ventura School. Valencia. Spain *
Cracks. Sculptures and paintings by Silvia Lerín. Mainz City Hall Gallery. Mainz. germany
Irregular. Ademuz Art Space. Valencia. Spain *
Irregulares.Origen. Municipal Exhibition Hall of Algemesi Liberal Casino. Algemesí. Valencia.
Spain *
Silvia Lerín. Painting and graphics. Sophia - Edition Gallery. Berlin. germany
Not only paper. Ibercaja's Exhibition Hall. Valencia. Spain *
Clefts in the field. Exhibition Hall at the Palau de la Música. Valencia. Spain *
Pielpintura / Paint-Skin. CMAE. Municipal Center for the Arts and Exhibitions. Avilés. Asturias.
Spain *
Clefts. Exhibitions Hall "Center 14". Alicante. Spain *
Silvia Lerín. Painting. Sophia - Edition Gallery. Berlin. germany
45. Cultural Center "Dorado Schools". Langreo. Asturias. Spain *
Silvia Lerín. The CAM Exhibitions Hall Classroom Llotgeta. Valencia. Spain *
45. Exhibition Hall at the College of Architects. Murcia. spain
Art Exhibition 2006 Antoni Botey Gallery. Granollers. Barcelona. spain
Silvia Lerin. The Nave Gallery. Valencia. spain
Silvia Lerín. Painting. Sophia - Edition Gallery. Berlin. germany
Intersecciones. Exhibitions Hall in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Spain *
Silvia Lerín. Painting. Sophia - Edition Gallery. Berlin. germany
Paint on paint. Cultural Center in Mislata. Mislata. Valencia. Spain *
Recent Work. Club Diario Levante. Valencia. Spain *
Silvia Lerin. Four Gallery. Valencia. spain


OTHERS | a selection
Spain NOW. 6th Season of contemporary Art and Culture from Spain. Open Studios and Talk. 7
to 9 Nov. London. UK.
Mural commission (60 x 111 in./ 151 x 282 cm.) in private Apartment . Valencia. Spain.
Conference Lecture at the Vincent Ventura School. Valencia. Spain.
Mural commission in Building V.P.O. Gandía. Valencia. Spain.
Mural commission for two-level parking garage (approx. 16,000 sq. feet). Casino Cirsa of
Valencia, Spain.
Vinyl design for an Institute. El Puig. Valencia. Spain.
Mural commission at the garden of the Pinacoteca Municipal de Langreo. Langreo. Asturias.


From Centre. The Loud & Western Building. London. UK. Curated by Saturation Point and Slate
Projects. London. UK *
TIAF London. The Rag Factory. London. UK
Open Studios. A-side B-side Gallery. London. UK
Dialogos. Municipal Center of Exhibitions. Elche. Valencia. Spain *
Art Room 2013. Centro del Carmen. Valencia. Spain *
10. Atarazanas women. Valencia. Spain *
XXX Aniversary S.Soria Painting Contest. Benissa. Alicante. Spain *
Art Helsinki 2011. The new House Gallery. Helsinki. Finnland
Encounters. Badisches Kunstforum. Ebringen. Freiburg. germany
Billnäs Bruk. New House Gallery. Billnäs. Finnland
VI Biennial Art Riudebitlles. Buildings from the old city halls. Riudebittlles. Girona. Spain *
09. Gema Llamazares Estío Gallery. Gijón. Asturias. spain
30 Years Minicuadros. Gravina Fine Arts Museum. Alicante. Spain *
Arte Alnorte. Exhibition Hall at the Cajastur Cultural Centre Revillagigedo Palace
Gijón.Asturias.Spain *
Summer Exhibition 2007. Galería Uusitalo. Helsinki. Finnland
New proposals. The Nave Gallery. Valencia. spain
Work, world, creativity. Museum of the City. Valencia. Spain *
10 years Galería Sophia - Edition. Sophia - Edition Gallery. Berlin. germany
Lurking. Antropologic Museum of Madrid. Madrid. Spain *
Women into the new millennium. The Nave Gallery. Valencia. spain
The End of the Beginning. Horizon Gallery. Colera. Girona. Spain
I Meeting Contemporary Art (E.A.C.). Alicante. Spain *


XV Meeting Contemporary Art (EAC). MUA. Museum of the University of Alicante. Alicante.
Spain *
74 International Exhibition "Arts of Valdepeñas". Valdepeñas Municipal Museum.
Valdepenas. Real city. Spain *
Art Biennale 2012. Modern Art Museum of Tarragona. Tarragona. Spain. *
XIII Painting Award Hall of Plastic Arts of the University of Murcia. Art Center Palace
Almudí. Murcia. Spain. *
72 International Exhibition "Arts of Valdepeñas". Valdepeñas Municipal Museum.
Valdepenas. Real city. Spain. *
XII Painting Award Honda La Garriga 10. Municipal Exhibition Hall. La Garriga. Barcelona. Spain*
71 International Exhibition "Arts of Valdepeñas". Valdepeñas Municipal Museum.
Valdepenas. Real city. Spain. *
XI Painting Award Honda La Garriga 09. Municipal Exhibition Hall. La Garriga. Barcelona. Spain.*
XII Painting Award Terras de Iria 09. Convento del Carmen. Padrón. Corunna. Spain. *
X Show Union Fenosa. Museum of Contemporary Art Union Fenosa. Corunna. Spain. *
X Painting Awards Honda – La Garriga 08. Barcelona. Spain. *
Managers Award VII. The Nave Gallery. Valencia. Spain. *
VIII Show Union Fenosa. MACUF. Corunna. Spain. *
Bancaja Prize XXXII. Sala La Muralla. IVAM. Valencia. Spain. *
11 Contest Contest. Gallart. Vizcaya. Spain. *
Young Creators Contest 2003. Vaults room. Madrid. Spain. *
Generation 2002-Prize Caja Madrid. American home. Madrid. Spain. *
Young Artists Competition. Museum of the City. Madrid. Spain. *
Awards Young 2001. Museum of the Education & Culture Ministery. Madrid. Spain. *
9th Contest Contest. Gallart. Vizcaya. Spain.
Bancaja Award XXVII. Sala La Muralla. IVAM. Valencia. Spain. *
II Painting Award Honda La Garriga. Barcelona. Spain. *
IV Award José Malvar for New Talents. Santiago de Compostela. Spain. *
Young Creators Contest 2000. Casa de Vacas. Madrid. Spain. *
IV Prize City of Burriana. The Mercy Center. Burriana. Castellón. Spain. *
XXIV Award Bancaja. Bancaja Foundation. Valencia. Spain. *


Maria Jose Jove Foundation. A Coruña. Spain
Contemporary Art Museum in Pego. Caught. Alicante. spain
Mainfirstbank. London. United Kingdom
Bancaja Foundation. Valencia. Spain
Mainel Foundation. Valencia. Spain
Diaz Caneja Foundation. Palencia. Spain
Instituto Juan Gil-Albert. Alicante. spain
San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Valencia. Spain.
Juan Gil Albert Institution. Alicante. Spain
Art Collection of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Valencia. Spain
Art Collection of Caja Rural de Torrente. Valencia. spain
Club Diario Levante. Valencia. spain
Sparkasse Mainz. Mainz. germany
Town Art Pinacotec in Langreo. Asturias. Spain
Council of Cangas do Morrazo. Pontevedra. spain
Council of Cambre. Corunna. spain
Art Collection of Ibercaja. Zaragoza. Spain
Art Collection of Ibercaja. Valencia. Spain
Art Collection of O.A.M. de Valencia. Valencia. Spain
Cityhalls of: Height and Castellón (in Castellón). spain
Cityhall of: Albaida Mislata, Meliana Picasso and Puçol (in Valencia). spain
Cityhalls of: Benissa, Torrevieja and Alicante (in Alicante). spain
Cityhall of: Cambrils (in Tarragona). Spain
Clínica Baviera. Saragossa. spain
Clínica Baviera. Valencia. spain
Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia. Valencia. spain
FVO (Foundation Vallès Oriental). Granollers. Barcelona. spain
Casino Cirsa. Valencia. Spain
* with edited catalog


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GROUP CATALOGS | a selection
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