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  • Currently she is working with the Shiras Gallery, Valencia
  • 2014 Masters in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • 2012. Licenciado in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • 2011 Beca Erasmus University of Bildene artist, Dresden, Alemania.

Residential / Awards / Scholarships:

  • 2017 2nd prize Trecer National Sculpture Competition, Fundación Sierra Elvira, Granada.
  • 2016 Scholarship for artists Comena, artist residency in Queveda, Cantabria.
  • 2016 Finalist prizes FIBIC-RAF.
  • 2015 The Hive, Madrid.
  • 2012 Scholarship residence in the Antonio Gala for Young Artists, Córdoba Foundation.

Selected exhibitions.

  • terni bacheca incontri 2017 
    Old Town Open Biennale, Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Valencia. (Selected)
    Youth Art Shows La Rioja, Exhibition Hall of the School of Design. (The Rioja). (Selected) (traveling expossición).
    - International Art Exhibition José Camarón, Cultural Center of Segorbe, Segorbe. (Finalist)
    - Traveling Exhibition José Lapayense, Saffron Museum Monreal del Campo, Terruel. (selected)
    - Exhibition Sculpture Prize Foundation Sierra Elvira, Atarfe (Granada) (awarded).
  • humanly 2016
    - Individual Exhibition: Strata, Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists, Córdoba. (Catalogue)
    - Festival of Visual Arts in Old Town Open Casa de Velázquez, Madrid. Curated by Antonio Barroso.
    - InunDAR'T, International Festival of Visual Arts, Cultural Center of Girona, Girona. (selected)
    – Room Art Fair.
    - Migration hundred or Sala, Madrid. Curated by Mung-Yung Chang, Alicia
    Without Cristina Herraiz.
    - International Plastic Arts Prize Caja de Extremadura, Cultural Center Las Calras,
    Plasencia (Selected. Jury: Joseph Anton Castro, Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Esther
    Piazarro) (catalog)
  • Vandalia 2015
    - Manel Batlle, Granollers, Barcelona (Jury Selected: Ramon Aumedes, Ferran.
    Capdevila, Lluís Estopiñan, Felix Benz Gloria Fusté)
    - Beautiful Open City Festival, Fundación Bancaja, Valencia. (Selected)
    - Prologue, Shiras Gallery, Valencia, Spain. (Catalogue)
    - Mars, International Art Fair, Gallery Shiras, Stand 7 Castellón.
    - The Great Machine II, contemporary art festival Embarrart, Lleida. curated by
    Jesus Vilamajó. (Selected. Jury: Gloria Picazo, Anslem Ros, Josep M. Gaynet,
    Alexandra Award, Ramon Sicart and Ricardo Planas) (catalog)
    - Inaugural exhibition, "La Colmena online" space Urg3l, Madrid. curated by
    Alicia Sen, Karina Saravo and Mariana Leite. (selected)
    - Proposals for Art 2015, 14 Centro, Alicante. (selected)
  • http://tucunarerestaurant.com/?kaminous=santa-cristina-d\\'aro-dating-site 2014
    - XVIII sculpture competition Pere Jou, Sitges, Barcelona. (Selected)
    - Smooth Stone, Archaeological Museum of Ontinyent, Valencia. Curated by Aureli
    Domenech Bou.
    - Two person exhibition: Selecta and select Gallery Four, Valencia. curated by
    Antonio Barroso. (selected)
    - Strip Art 2014 century art show young Horta-Guinardó Barcelona. (Selected)
    - XVII Visual Arts Contest, Galileo Galilei, Valencia. (selected)
    - PAM! 14, inter Proytecto exhibition, UPV, Valencia. Curated by José
    Luis Clemente. (Selected) (catalog)
    - Stoneskin, Sumacarcer Exhibition Hall, Valencia. Curated by Aureli
    Domenech Bou.
  • 2013
    - LXX international exhibition of José Shrimp, Castellón. (Selected)
    - Eleventh promotion, Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists, Córdoba.
  • 2012
    - Cevisama, Hall 5, International Ceramics Fair, Valencia. (selected)
  • 2011
    – DRESDEN & NEW, YORK, RIO, TOKYO. Students exhibition, Brühlsche Terrasse, HFBK
    Dresden, Germany.



Printed media:

  • - ABC Cutural, Córdoba, 11.01.2016, Exhibition "Strata" in the Antonio Gala Foundation. [Http://hemeroteca.abc.es/nav/Navigate.exe/hemeroteca/cordoba/abc.cordoba/2016/11/01/028.html].
  • - Daniel Sunday Schwerizer (COORD), Strata, Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists. Cordoba, Spain, in October 2016 to November 2016. Printed in Madrid 2016.
  • - Sara Joudi (COORD), Prologo, Galeria Shiras. Valencia, October 2015 November 2015 Valencia 2015. p. 23-24.
  • - Natalia Lloreta (COORD) Jesus Vilamajó (eds), Barra, Creation Festival Contermporánea. Lleida, June 2015-July 2015 Lleida: Anigraf, 2015. p. 20-21.
  • - José Luis Clamente (COORD), Pam! 2014 Sample II Artistic Productions and Multimedia. Valencia, May 2014. Valencia: Editorial Polytechnic University of Valencia, 2014. p. 158-159.
  • - José Maria Gala (COORD), Eleventh Pormoción, Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists. June 2013-July 2013. Córdoba, 2013. p. 48-53.



  • - Interview, RTVE News, Córdoba, July 15, 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZqSnmIZrT8
  • - Interview, News rtve, Valencia, May 7, 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aas__nsUF1Q

Digital media:

  • - Joan Josep Soler Navarro, Old Town Festival Open, 10.11.2017, http://losojosdehipatia.com.es/exposiciones/el-festival-cvo-2017-se-abre-de-par-en-par- in-old-city
  • - College of Design of La Rioja, XXXIII Youth Art Show, 11.06.2017. http://www.esdir.eu/c/1463/xxxiii-muestra-de-arte-joven
  • - Marisol Salanova, Valencia Old Town Open in Casa Velázquez in Madrid, Valencia Plaza, 16 October 2016. http://valenciaplaza.com/valencia-ciutat-vella-oberta-en-la-casa-velazquez-de- madrid
  • - Clara Cobo Scenarios a timeout, Crack, November 6, 2015. http://lagrietaonline.com/author/clara-cobo

Collection work.

  • 2017 Foundation Sierra Elvira.
  • 2016 Coleccion ACB.
  • 2013 Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists, Córdoba.