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Miguel Bañuls

Santana do Ipanema The shortest distance

Hayrabolu January-March 2019

donna cerca uomo convivenza http://headway.es/?mamaipapa=citas-cruz-blanca-online&216=48 LA DISTANCIA MÁS CORTA

Ya sabemos que el Universo es plano, curvo y en constante expansión. Que el espacio y el tiempo se deforman a causa de los campos gravitacionales y que la luz puede hacerlo también.
This is hard to imagine, much less understand; and much of the material is invisible to the human eye and the way this is folded flat universe is unknown; It could be a cylinder, a belt or even Moevius resemble crumpled paper.
From my utter ignorance of physics I can not help but participate in the desire to play with that 73% of the universe with which we have no direct relationship with that 23% of matter we can not see but we know it exists because it has gravity and a 4 % of the known.
500 years sailors and now pilots know that the shortest distance in a sphere is sometimes is a geodesic and I, as an artist working from constructive abstraction, can not ignore this reality which in turn is as symbolic and representative of human behavior.
This time the color is incorporated as a fourth dimension. A resonator more vibrant space. Your skin is hot on my cold curve shapes and minimal electrical sensation travels hands with or without compass. No time without space. Seeking room for emotion.

Miguel Bañuls

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