Kookie Guillen and Mavi Escamilla

Double or nothing

March-April 2018

The sample contains about 25 works including paintings and works on paper specially created
for this sample. It is the first time that both artists concerning national art Pop Mavi Escamilla
Guillen & Kookie unite in a common project. Double or Nothing is the fabulous result of work
two creative to give the best of themselves and as a result we have obtained eight wonderful
works on paper created together.

Mavi Escamilla It shows us in this project to Shiras Gallery a clear evolution in their language
plastic, and the way they express. The artist painting certainly taken as a manifesto without
obvious answer, which suggests and evokes your search into new plastics speeches. language
abstract spots are part of his new pictorial discourse without renouncing its content.

Cuqui Guillén for "Double or nothing", he presents works from the series "Women in hotels" neutral spaces
where lives intersect and where "waiting" is the protagonist. Kookie true to his creative process,
It has as a point of reflection on women as their main iconography critical discourse.

The main room Shiras Gallery Double or nothing, is full of color and criticism among paintings and drawings
on paper, high-quality sample highlights the commitment of artists to show work
mature and innovative stands out for its great capacity for teamwork and respect for both.