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Juan Fabuel


Los movimientos migratorios se proponen como punto de partida para trabajar, a través de la fotografía y el vídeo, acerca de la percepción, construcción y noción de espacio y lugar.
This work is inspired by the idea of ​​time lapse, origin, destination and notion of travel, where the photographs captured with moonlight show different night scenes of Mediterranean beaches.
These beaches symbolize pleasure and rest for most of us; open spaces where the sensation of time stopped abstracts us from other latent meanings. But they are also places of arrival for people hungry for a new opportunity who leave
back situations of political, economic and social chaos. The subjective nature, the poetic component and the absence of recognizable subjects in the images, encourages reflection from another point of view where the essential interest lies in the multiplicity of meanings.
Working on a fundamental theme such as human movements from the conception of space and place confers conceptual, aesthetic and dynamic dimensions that escape the obvious. The empty landscapes lead us to a deafening dialogue with the viewer through silence and reflection.

14.24 is the distance in kilometers that separates Africa from Europe.

Tetovo _Bio Juan Fabuel, Valencia 1976

Juan Fabuel graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2002, carries a degree in video photography and new media in 2006 and graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology in 2013. After working as a cultural producer and director of documentaries for various international institutions, in 2005 decides develop your career as an author. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally - Discoveries PHotoEspaña (2008), International Photography Contest Purification Garcia (2006 and 2009), Galleria delle Colonne (Parma), Galveias Palace (Lisbon), Fundación Bancaja (Valencia). In 2007 he moved to New York and continued his training at the International Center of Photography. Later in 2009, he is awarded the grant from the Academy of Spain in Rome and I formed in 2011 with the scholarship at the College of Spain in Paris. In 2013 begins his work as resident commissioner of the La Posta (Valencia) Foundation until 2016.
Individual exhibition at the Gallery Pascal Janssens, Gent, Belgium. _14,24 The Space Between_ 25 May.
Group exhibition at Noorderlicht _IN VIVO_. Museum Belvédère Oranjewoud, Netherlands. 23 June.

He currently lives in Switzerland where he continues developing its projects.

milanuncios trabajo torrevieja _Statement

Juan Fabuel places his work between structures ranging from the intimate and personal to the social, using fiction as an effective tool in altering reality and being aware that, to rebuild it, creates different meanings and interpretations of the known that will lead to develop new connotations and questions about ourselves. Forget the narrative work to focus on the dynamic elements addressing our perception of reality, interpersonal relationships, memory, time and the way we interact in different physical and emotional landscapes.


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