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Joel Mestre
Joel Mestre Castellón 1966

Author linked to the new Spanish figuration and specifically to the emerging painting during the nineties, he participated in the exhibition Muelle de Levante (Valencia_1994). He has participated in international fairs: ARCO, Miami, Chicago, Brussels, Lisbon, etc. His latest works have been recently seen in the Gallery ArtFairPULSE_NewYork My Name's Lolita Art and the CAC Malaga, Villa Tamaris Center d'Art La Seine-Sur-Mer (Toulon, France). Scholarship obtained Davalos-Fletcher Foundation, Alfons Roig Scholarship, Fellowship of the Academy of Spain in Rome and Beca Endesa. Represented in collections: IVAM, ARTIUM, Fundación Endesa, the Bank of Spain, BBVA Collection, Art Collection DKV, Caja Madrid, Benetton (Italy) Foundation, etc. He holds a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Professor in the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He has published and contributed to various magazines such as Archipelago, Revista de Occidente, Zut, Arte10.com, Lars or Arte y Parte.