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Jesse Magee

Bhawanipur Jesse Magee

* 1981 URBANA, IL, USA


since 2/2017 Initiator and organiser of the Buccara Artist in Residence program, Bad Honnef, Germany

since 10/2012 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Art, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

since 12/2006 Self-employed artist


bares mujeres solteras barcelona FORMAL EDUCATION:

2008 – 2010 Study of Fine Arts at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Art (MFA), Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

2005 Semester abroad at the Edinburgh College of the Arts, Edinburgh, Scotland

2002 – 2006 Study of Fine Arts at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Art (BFA), Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

1999 – 2001 Studies of Fine Arts at Alfred University, Alfred, New York, USA



2018 “now it's happenin' now”, Galerie 21, Hamburg, DE

"The by-measured space" eV Frappant, Hamburg, DE

"Incident - Accident", Municipal Art Gallery, Czestochowa, PL

2017 “persist by day, relinquish at night”, Museum L, Roeselare, BE (Solo show)

"Subtext Glass (s)", Gallery Lorch and Seidel, Berlin, DE

"Precious", Gallery Cerny and Partner, Wiesbaden, DE

"Light color", Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz, SI

2016 "Bad Decisions" Art Hotel, Munich, DE

“Move Baby, Move”, Total, Wuppertal, DE

"Art Circle Project" Villa Vipolze, Vipolze, SI

2015 "topsoil" Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne, DE (solo show)

"The foreign and own" State RLP, Mainz, DE

"International Glass Prize 2015" Glass House, Lommel, BE


2014 "New Art / Arte Neuvo," UTSA Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX, USA

eV "space", Kunstverein Middle Rhine, Koblenz, DE

"Art KARLSRUHE" Gallery Cherny + Partner, Karlsruhe, DE

2013 "Young Masters" Glass House, Lommel, BE

"TO THE SUBSTANCE," Syke Vorwerk, Syke, DE

“because we take all day”, Landtag RLP, Mainz, DE

2012 "pictures? Pictures! "Art Prize of the Protestant Church in Württemberg, Bad Urach, DE

"From A to Ω, A to Z," Art Prize of the Initiative Church and Culture, Wiesbaden, DE

"Material thinking" Art Kleinsassen / Ceramics Museum, Westerwald / Ludwig Museum, Koblenz / Kunsthalle Trier, DE

"Boy positions," Art Direct, Mainz, DE

"Rio", Kudoh Gallery, Odawara, JP

"Disintegration" The Box, Dusseldorf, DE (solo show)

2011 “Materials Revisited”, MAK, Frankfurt, DE

"Artist Residence in Odawara final exhibition", Seikantei, Odawara, JP

"Threshold", Metz Gallery, Koblenz, DE (solo show)

“On Being Human: Love, Faith, Shame, and Hope”, Picture Cultural Art, Dominguez Hills, CA, USA

"Rheingold", Lorch + Seidel Contemporary, Berlin, DE

“Sudoh Gallery @ Galerie Pack of Patches”, Galerie Pack of Patches, Jena, DE

2010 "Long Night of Museums in Koblenz" Old Capuchin monastery, Ehrenbreitstein, DE

“Current”, B-05 Center for Art and Design, Montabaur, DE

"23rd Filmwinter "H7 Raumaufzeit, Stuttgart, DE


Donostia / San Sebastián DISTINCTIONS:

2016 Artist Residency MMM-Art, Medana, SI

2011 Artist Residency in Odawara, Odawara, JP

2010 Wall 5 Honor Award for Multimedia Art, 23rd Filmwinter


http://rexoil.it/?filmografiya=incontri-adulti-livorno&4ec=7b PUBLICATIONS:

2013 "ON THE SUBSTANCE" Johanna Adam and Nicole Giese, Kerber Verlag

2010 "The storm of images," Anja Kregeloh, Oldenbourg Akademie Verlag


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