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Mooresville citas en linea clinica el golf Intro-Versiones

Bajo el título Intro-Versiones reúno en galería Shiras, del 21 de noviembre al 18 de enero, 15 obras de última producción.
Beginning of this series, some years ago, from a figuration whose evolutionary development in technique and especially conceptual realization, has been ending as a gradual synthesis in a work in which the sensory and personally, it acts as an expressive engine .
Intro-Versions alludes to the transience of moods which, ungraspable inhabit the world of abstraction. The title of the exhibition is to also show an intimate world where an imaginary allowing nature to look in a hidden paradoxically recognizable occurs.
The paintings that speak of a non-exempt certain space accident, producing revelations whose gestation autonomous adds visual experiences experiential.