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Herbert Egger

Herbert Egger

1961 born in Bad Goisern, Austria

1983 – 1989 Art studies with a degree on the University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz (Austria)         

since 2006 Lecturer on the University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz (Austria)


Exhibitions and Symposiums

2019    – Shiras Gallery,Valencia,Spain

- CROSS, NiArt Gallery, Ravenna, Italy,

- GLOBAL HOME II, Landesgartenschau Aigen Schlägl, Austria

- Documentation Center for Modern Art Lower Austria,

St. Pölten, Austria

- Zhao Zaho Wu Xiang, Nomination Exhibition of Chinese and

foreign artists, Shanghai China

2018    – SOMEWHERE IN TIME, Tung Maritime Museum, Jia Tong University, China

                          – ICCI TIAC exhibition, Shanghai Gallery, China

                          – Shanghai, artistic residency organized by the Institute of Cultural and

                            Creative Industry (ICCI), Jiao Tong University, Shanghai,

                          – Museum of modern Art Passau, Germany

"WE HERE" collection Anne Rose & Alois Riedl

                          – Island, ART Biennale FRESH  WINDS

- THE ART communicate the gallery Lapidarium, Prague

                          – ART  DIAGONALE III Wels (A)

2017    – “PERSONAL STRUCTURES” Time Space Existence at Palazzo Mora Venice

                             during the 2017 Venice art Biennale

- Schloßgalerie Schärding (A), Solo Exhibition

                          – Nimes (F),Group Exhibition

                          – Reykjavik (Island), Art-diagonale, art symposium

                          – Galerie Forum Wels (A), Solo Exhibition

                          – The international art festival FRESH WINDS (Island)

2016    – Arsenale Venedig (ITA), Arte Laguna Prize, finalists exhibition

                            cooperation with Christine Bauer

                          – Museum Angerlehner (A), Art Diagonale

- Artmark Gallery Vienna (A) LTR / RTL Iran / Austria 2016

- Iran Laje Vardi Foundation Teheran

                          – Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art Iran    

- Gallery Forum Wels (A)

2015    – Wels (A), Galerie Marschner, Transit, Solo Exhibition

                          – Griffen (A), art symposium xyz³

- Forum Gallery, Wels (A)

                          – Weibern (A), TRANSITION

2014 - Open culture Linz (A), Höhenrausch 2014 moving spaces,

                            Earthplace – global home in cooperation with Christine Bauer

- Tamsweg (A), coiled, Art Symposium

                          – Linz (A), A R S C O M U N I C A T,  Art Symposium

- Forum Gallery, Wels (A)

2013 - Gallery MARCH, milestones

2012    – Dresden (D), Ostrale 2012

                          – Bühl (D), PUR

- Galerie Zauner, Leonding (A)

- Forum Gallery, Wels (A)

2011    – Galerie Forum, Wels (A), Earthplace – global home

2010 - Tokyo Futtsu (JPN), clearance 18, Art Symposium

                            Makii Art Hall, group exhibition and artists in residence

                          – Galerie Zauner, Leonding (A), Earthplace – global home

                            cooperation with Christine Bauer

                          – Forum Stadtpark, Graz (A)

20 years Schrattenberg, Favorite Positions

- Reichersberg (A), Sculpture Specifically,

2009 - Waidhofen / Ybbs (A), Art Vienna, character - structure - Reduction

- Wels (A) Gallery Forum, a kind of self-portrait

                          – Weibern (A), Stand by body

- Linz (A) Culture capital 09, Sichtwechsel

                          – Steegen (A), Sculpture workshop, St.Pius

2008    – Linz (A), Martin Luther Kirche, „Mr. what is this?“, Solo Exhibition

- Castle Peuerbach (A), the focal point Sculpture

                          – Linz (A), Galerie Eder, Black Magic

- Wels (A) Gallery Forum, Measuring the World

- Peuerbach (A), gallery Pimmingstorfer

                          – Bad Goisern (A), Art Symposium

- Bruck-Waasen (A), Art Symposium focus Sculpture

                          – Steegen (A), Bildhauerworkshop St. Pius

2007 - Schärding (A), Orangerie, probably a piece of heaven, installation

                          – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Solo Exhibition

                          – Steegen (A), Bildhauerworkshop St. Pius

2006 - Zagreb (CRO), Galženica, Light_Story_Space_Body

                          – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Alusionen, Solo Exhibition

- Deggendorf (D), Museum of the City of Deggendorf, showcase young

- Gallspach (A), Workshop interface

2005 - Bozen (ITA), Galerie Prisma, Transfer

                          – Varanasi – Benares (India), SCULPTURE AND POETRY, Art Symposium

                          – Perg (A), Galerie Pehböck, Solo Exhibition

- Linz (A), AB Kunstverein

- Wels (A), Gallery Forum

2004    – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Solo Exhibition

                          – Peuerbach (A), Art Signum Universalis, Art Symposium

2003 - Graz (A), Styrian Autumn, framed town of Graz, Solo Exhibition

- Cultural Capital Graz 2003 (A), Styrian Autumn,

                            Schälungs performance

- Linz, art fair Landesmuseum

                          – Peuerbach, Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Solo Exhibition

                          – Linz, Galerie MAERZ, CONFERENCE

- Schroder Atten Berg, at St.Lorenzen disk Ling (A), Art Symposium

- Eger (HUN), Art Symposium

2002 - Exhibition Arts Vienna, MAK Gallery Pimmingstorfer

                          – Krumau (CZE), Egon Schiele Art Centrum, works from the


- Gmunden (A), Gallery 422, The small sculpture

- Linz (A), Galerie Eder

- Wels (A), Gallery Forum

- Linz (A), art fair state museum, gallery Pimmingstorfer

- Schroder Atten Berg, St. Lorenzen at disk Ling (A),

                            ARTIST IN RESIDENCE

                          – Neukirchen am Walde (A), UNWRAPPING CUBE, Art Symposium

2001 - Csongrád (HUN), Art Symposium Space, Art Symposium

- Paliano (ITA), the studio of the province of Upper Austria,

                            ARTIST IN RESIDENCE

                          – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Solo Exhibition

- Linz (A), Eder Gallery, Solo Exhibition

- Schloss Zell an der Pram (A), Solo Exhibition

- Linz (A), Line Arte, Gallery Pimmingstorfer

2000 - Exhibition Arts Vienna, MAK Gallery Pehböck

- Linz (A), Galerie Eder

- women (A), a settlement on the Dorfbod'n, Solo Exhibition

                          – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Solo Exhibition

- County (USA), Art Symposium, Concrete 2000

- Krumau (CZE), Egon Schiele Art Centrum,

Artist in residence at the studio of Upper Austria

1999 - Varanasi (Indien), ABC - Gallery

                          – Varanasi – Benares (Indien), SCULPTURE AND DANCE

- Linz (A), Galerie im StifterHaus, The Art of line catalog

                          – Leonding (A), XXS – minimal art

- Linz (A) Gallery in StifterHaus, Symposium plant view catalog

                          – Peuerbach (A), Galerie Pimmingstorfer Safer Art

- Exhibition Arts Vienna, MAK, gallery Pehböck

                          – Traun (A) BRG Klexx, Schälungen, Solo Exhibition

                          – Perg (A), Galerie Pehböck, Solo Exhibition

- Linz (A), Galerie Eder

1998 - Linz (A), gallery MARCH, fixed the drawing

- Linz A), Eder Gallery, Solo Exhibition

- Exhibition Arts Vienna, MAK, gallery Pehböck

- Prachatice (CZE) Stadtmuseum

                          – Cluster Plasy (CZE), im Rondell, Solo Exhibition

- Vienna (A), artery Gallery BV-Austria

                          – Peuerbach (A),Galerie Pimmingstorfer, Trigonale 

Ecker / Egger / Ecker

                          – Wels (A), OBERTAG, Art Symposium

- Prachatice (CZE), Art Symposium

1997 - Exhibition Arts Vienna, MAK, gallery Pehböck

- Bratislava (SVK), Studio S

- Nimes (F), Gard Gallery Space

- Nimes (F) OF Contemporary Art, Art Symposium

- Forchenstein (A), free space 8, Art Symposium

- Malo (ITA) Museo Casabianca Giobatta Meneguzzo, Catalog

                          – Weibern (A), Solo Exhibition

- Naarn (A), gallery Pehböck, commuters

- Linz (A), Galerie Eder

                          – Naarn (A), Galerie Pehböck, Solo Exhibition

1996 - Cologne (D) Culture Institute Ignis

- Cluster Plasy (CZE)

- Linz (A), Galerie Eder

- Art Frankfurt (D), gallery Pehböck

- Lenora (CZE) Product

1995 - Linz (A), Eder Gallery, Solo Exhibition

- Peuerbach (A), gallery Pimmingstorfer

- Peuerbach (A), free space 3, Art Symposium, Catalog

1994    – Gallspach (A), Art Symposium

1991 - Peuerbach (A), gallery Pimmingstorfer,

Installation summer landscape, Solo Exhibition



1999 - State Scholarship for Fine Arts

1990 - Findings of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research


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