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Daniel Domingo Schweitzer

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Univertistat Politècnica de València in 2012. The same year he was selected to reside in the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists in Córdoba where he began to develop his research around the body. In 2013 he returned to Valencia, where he specializes a Masters in Artistic Production. He has made numerous group exhibitions in different Spanish cities as well as in his native Dresden. Currently he is working with Shiras Gallery, and lives and works in Madrid to develop his art.



I am investigating the relationship between body space and generating viewer sculptures and installations where the body breaks down and reconstructs from fractal geometry as plastic action to create space. Explore the formal limits of a body and dematerialized metamorphoses from an intangible geometry in space, to be reconstituted in its symbolic meaning. Thus body, space and geometry are in a plastic research work, where texture, material and shape containing own narratives. Iron rods, the broce or epoxy putty generate structures in which the body is present while absent and that, despite its visual lightness, invade the space.

In my recent work geometry as a resource to structure space has taken center stage. This, along with explorations in concrete leads me to a land near the architectural, where the spaces generated geometry evoke different readings, either as "abstract" spaces, either as a "model" or "landscapes".