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Shiras blog Gallery

By Sara Joudi

It is a specialized blog on subjects related to art contemporary.

Is there sexism in the art world?

Is there sexism in the art world? I've always thought that equal rights and visibility of women figure in the art world has evolved positively in recent years, nevertheless, it has a long way to go. Today women have more visibility in positions ...Read more »

4 things to consider before visiting a contemporary art fair

What kind of audience usually go to contemporary art fairs? Anyone with sensitivity to art, a collector, sporadic buyer, artist or student, could be the profile of a visitor of an art fair, that is, all those who are interested in knowing in depth the current art and. .. Read more »

Why we participate in two fairs simultaneously

We are only a week of contemporary art fairs in Madrid. For any art gallery that will participate in some of the shows are very intense days, a lot of coordination, communication with the organizers of fairs, last minute changes sometimes are necessary, they are days ... Read more »