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Alicia Torres

liquid oxide

November 2018 - January 2019


precious metal decaying, pictorial unpainted and space as experience. Alicia Torres plays alchemy moving all the pieces that are presented on the board, with the aim of establishing a dialogue with the viewer: Invading the room, spilling gold with creating each work, debate between fresh and rotten ; and "liquid mixture" as appropriate language to reality. "The state of perfection is there where nothing can be improved, where any attempt to follow tangling with what is no longer produces anything better. (...) But we are all liquid-modern and for us perfection, everything is forever the same, is not an ideal, it's a nightmare. "1 The artist manages to challenge yourself and materializing corruption of matter, with the gold and who dares to appreciate oxidation, such as improving the supposed perfection.

Ana Roca

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